#value-full offers space for all the thoughts that help us now to focus on the remaining healing.

#value-full (No. 1)
To be loved is a gift, loving is a task" (Heidemarie Zürner)

Grandparents are in demand today as never before - not with their physical presence, but with their voluntary renunciation of it! Namely the renunciation of contact with the grandchildren out of love and a sense of responsibility towards them and their parents! Our grandchildren are dear to our hearts and we want to accompany, protect and care for them in the best possible way. A wonderful task, which sometimes demands exactly that from us, which hurts the most!

But renouncement out of love is our strongest motivation, that's why we manage it and live it! This year there might be letters, Skype meetings and self-made things from grandpa and grandma, with the encouraging feeling that the family ties are strengthened by the virus! And our grandchildren were allowed to experience such cool grandparents as artists of life - in order to be challenged later on - to be able to hold on to their role model. (Johanna, DGKS & Logotherapist)


Burning questions - current answers

During a charity event, ten prominent personalities asked Viktor Frankl questions and we put together Frankl's answers from the video and audio material. His message is more topical than ever and may it inspire creativity. You can see and hear Frankl's answers to burning questions in the media library of the VIKTOR FRANKL MUSEUM. As the museum is currently closed, we would like to make Frankls thoughts accessible to many people:

Question of Franz-Joseph Huainigg:
"I confirm your statement that fulfilment, joy and finding meaning is possible in every life. How do you explain this phenomenon?"

Dr. Franz-Joseph Huainigg (politician, author of children's books and media educator)

Answer of Viktor E. Frankl:
"The rules of life do not require us to win at all costs, but to never give up the fight."
(Viktor E. Frankl)

(DVD) Viktor Frankl: Man before the question of meaning (1979)
(CD) Viktor Frankl: Despite suffering, guilt and death & famine and crisis of meaning

Healing thoughts from the teachings of Viktor Frankl

At this point we would like to pass on to you regularly, in the sense of psycho-hygiene, healing thoughts from Frankl's doctrine of meaning, the logotherapy.

Healing thoughts from the teachings of Viktor Frankl (No. 2):
What thoughts would Viktor Frankl, the world-famous psychiatrist, give us in today's situation?

Do not look rigidly and fearfully at the situation as it is, but try to make the best possible use of it for yourself and your fellow human beings according to your possibilities. The following questions could be helpful for you:
Which woman, which man do I want to have been in this situation?
Which mother, which father for my children?
Which grandmother, which grandfather for my grandchildren?
Which co-worker(s) do I want to be?
What exactly is supposed to come from me now? What attitude, what action?
What would I be sorry for not having lived, loved, decided, formed now?

Each one of us has the ability to decide whether he/she wants to live in a hope-increasing or sorrow-increasing way! Fortunately it is always in our hands!
Whether what we have in our hands is realized or not is entirely in my hands!
Against this background the hopeful quote of Frankls:
"The world is not healed, but it can be healed."
"Life has meaning in all circumstances", even if the world is upside down!
How good that we can face this challenge together!
Johanna Schechner and the VIKTOR FRANKL ZENTRUM WIEN Team

Healing thoughts from the teachings of Viktor Frankl (Nr. 1):

The coronavirus paralyses the world - it is fatefully imposed on us: undeservedly, violently and at the wrong time. How good it is to know that we humans are free to decide how to deal with it.
Each and every one of us can help to counteract this serious crisis per life. Through a confident attitude, which is reflected in a meaningful action, the human being becomes visible in the full picture. Words such as solidarity, renunciation, consideration and mindfulness mingle with otherwise rather rigid messages. Inter-generational support encourages people to succeed in proving their ability to be human despite the crisis. We can trust in this and in this sense we will continue to work together!

Viktor E. Frankl, Begründer der LogotherapieAn impulse from Viktor Frankl's theory of meaning for the current world situation:
"...but where is the knowledge of the one humanity, a knowledge that I would like to call monanthropism? The knowledge of the unity of mankind, a unity that transcends all manifestations, be they of skin colour or party colour." (Viktor E. Frankl)

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