The ONE Humanity: The One World Benefit (March 26) and Exhibition Opening (March 27)

On Sat. March 26, 2022 was the 117th anniversary of the birth of Viktor E. Frankl, the founder of the third Viennese direction of psychotherapy - logotherapy and existential analysis - and author of ".Man´s Search for Meaning". On this occasion, the VIKTOR FRANKL CENTER VIENNA presented two events dedicated to one of the main themes of his teaching of meaning: The knowledge of the ONE humanity or also called monanthropism:

"It is about the ONE humanity, about the ONE world": A vision of Frankl for our century, which could not be more current. The focus of "The One World Benefit: With Klaus Eckel", which was held on Sat. 26 March 18:00 in the Vienna Gartenbaukino with 750 visitors, was the possibilities of each of us to shape the world through more togetherness: For encouragement, for a change of perspective and for the impetus for a successful life, despite and with challenges worldwide. The multiple award-winning Austrian cabaret artist Klaus Eckel and the team of the VIKTOR FRANKL ZENTRUM WIEN designed an evening around Frankl's main topic "Monanthropism - the ONE Humanity".

Following this, on Sun. 27. March an open museum day took place at the VIKTOR FRANKL MUSEUM VIENNA in Mariannengasse 1 - on the occasion of the opening of the new exhibition: "The ONE Humanity - In every moment you shape yourself and the world". In this interactive exhibition, visitors experience themselves as an indispensable, irreplaceable part of world events and can also try this out on site using specially developed interactive installations. In addition, the VIKTOR FRANKL ZENTRUM WIEN also opened its doors on this day, and guided tours of the neighboring polyclinic were offered.

In total, over 1,000 visitors took part in this opening weekend. We would like to thank them for their lively interest.

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